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Grow Your Brand with Industry Leading TV Data

Samba TV connects brands with target audiences, and accurately measures performance.

Challenges for Brands with Changing Viewer Behaviors

Fragmented TV Landscape

As viewing shifts towards cord-cutting, brands struggle to reach target audiences at scale.

Breaking Through Clutter

Consumers are faced with as many as 4,000 brand messages each day.

Low-quality TV Data

Some brands use data with inherent biases, such as single TV OEM vendors.

Lack of TV Data Expertise

Some brands don’t know how to effectively integrate TV data into their existing tools.

Samba TV for Brands

Promote Your Brand to TV Viewers

Samba identifies in real-time who as seen-or-not-seen a TV ad, and can immediately serve digital ads to target audiences.

Drive Incremental Reach for TV Ads

Target TV viewers on all their digital devices, and get a report on the incremental boost over a TV-only campaign.

Integrate High Quality TV Data

Brands can integrate household-level TV data for insights on cross-screen campaign performance.

Leverage Samba TV's Data Expertise

Brands can tap into Samba’s team of experts for consultation on planning, execution, and measurement.


Data Solutions

Brands can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools, to understand viewership and advertising effectiveness.


Data Solutions


Audience Solutions

Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, brands can identify any type of TV viewer, and engage them on their phone, tablet, PC, or TV.


Audience Solutions

“Partnering with Samba a second time allowed us to understand the role of each medium & environment in our video plans. This partnership continues to give us insights we can use to optimize in a way we were previously unable.”

Sarah Leidy, Manager, Southwest Airlines

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