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Reach the Unreachables with Omniscreen Impact

Optimize Linear, Connected TV and Digital Media with real-time TV data + omniscreen identity.

Challenges for Agencies Engaging TV Viewers

Fragmented Landscape 

As more TV viewers cut the cord, agencies struggle to reach target audiences at scale.

Ensuring Performance

Agencies are expected to deliver performance and break through the clutter of ads that a consumer sees daily.

Low-quality TV Data

Some agencies are using incomplete data, due to inherent biases from faulty sources such as single TV OEM vendors.

Expected to be Experts

Clients assume agencies are subject matters experts, but many agencies do not have in-house expertise with TV data.

Samba TV for Agencies

Promote Client Brands to TV Viewers

Samba identifies in real-time who has seen-or-not-seen a TV ad, and can immediately serve digital ads to target audiences.

Drive Incremental Reach for Clients

Target TV viewers on all their digital devices, and get a report on the incremental boost over a TV-only campaign.

Integrate Accurate TV Data into Agency Tools

Agencies can access TV data for insights on cross-screen campaign performance and attribution measurement.

Samba TV Data Experts Help Maximize ROI

Tap into Samba’s team of experts for consultation on planning, campaign execution, and measurement.


Data Solutions

Agencies can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools, to understand viewership and advertising effectiveness.


Data Solutions


Audience Solutions

Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, agencies can identify any type of TV viewer, and help clients engage them on a phone, tablet, PC, or TV.


Audience Solutions

“Integrating Samba’s advanced TV audiences allows us to plan and activate in real-time, and thus drive efficiency and performance for our clients.”

Steve Katelman, EVP Global Strategic Partnerships

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