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You have the TV Audience, Grab the TV budgets

Address the TV audience on your digital platform with Samba TV Data + Identity.

Challenges for Publishers with Modern Consumer Behaviors

Fragmented TV Landscape

As TV viewing shifts towards cord-cutting, publishers struggle to find target audiences with their TV ads.

Losing Users

Many options exist for online content consumption, so user retention is a challenge.

Competing for Ad Dollars

Publishers need data to show the true value of their user base to advertisers.

Lack TV Data Expertise

Some publishers don’t know how to effectively integrate TV data into their existing tools.

Samba TV for Publishers

TV Viewership Insights on Your Users

Samba increases the value a publisher’s inventory for advertisers by providing TV viewership insights on users.

Find New Users or Retain Current Users

Drive user growth by identifying in real-time what users are watching on TV, and sending ads to their digital devices.

Integrate TV Data into Publisher Tools

Publishers can integrate TV data into their own tools for insights on campaign performance and attribution.

Data Experts Help Grow Your Revenue

Tap into Samba’s team of experts for consultation on planning, campaign execution, and measurement.


Data Solutions

Publishers can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools to understand what their website users watch on TV, as well as access insights on cross-screen advertising performance.


Data Solutions


Audience Solutions

Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, publishers can identify any type of TV viewer, and engage them with ads on their phone, tablet, PC, or TV.


Audience Solutions

“Using high-quality data sources, like Samba, to help us identify readers who engage in specific behavior is becoming a valuable enhancement to our strategies for finding the right people on BuzzFeed.”

Josh Peters, BuzzFeed, Director of Data Partnerships

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