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Engage and Measure TV Audiences

Modern TV viewing requires a sophisticated approach to plan, target and measure effective marketing campaigns.

Your Source of Truth for TV

Representative Data 

20 Smart TV brand partnerships results in unbiased, high quality data 

Source Agnostic 

Track all ways TV is watched including linear, cord cutting, gaming, and more

Large Reach 

Samba pulls data from 35M Smart TVs around the world

Privacy Focus

GDPR and CCPA compliant, PII never shared, 100% consumer opt-in data

Industry’s Only Owned Full Tech Stack

TV Chipset Level Integration

Samba’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level of TVs, capturing all content that crosses the screen regardless of source.

Identify Digital Devices with Precision

Samba’s device map identifies, with 90%+ accuracy, which digital devices belong to specific households in a privacy compliant manner.

Industry’s Best Ad Schedule

Samba captures TV content directly from the top 100 national networks in the US to know exactly where and when ads are airing on TV.

Large, Non-biased, Representative Panel

Samba’s scaled panel has millions of households which are normalized and curated to be representative of the US census.

TV Data, Tools, and Expertise

Audience Solutions

Audience Solutions
Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, advertisers can identify any type of TV viewer, target them based on how and when they consume TV, and then engage them on their phone, tablet, PC, or TV.

Data Solutions

Data Solutions
Advertisers, publishers, and measurement firms can integrate Samba TV data into their own tools, in order to generate insights on cross-screen campaign performance and attribution measurement.
Industry’s most Smart TV brands with ACR Integration
Smart TVs globally that Samba pulls data
Samba-tracked commercial airings per month

"Samba has emerged as a key partner in helping us evaluate and improve our partner performance."

Tim Perzyk, Twitter VP, Market Insights & Analytics

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