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Making Your Smart TV Smarter

Samba helps you find TV content that fits your tastes, and improves the overall TV experience.

Don’t Know Which Show to Watch?

In 2020, there are over 500 scripted TV shows across multiple platforms just in the US, and no effective centralized schedule like the old TV Guide. With all the great TV content that’s available, you can’t just rely on your friends or the water cooler chat at work to find great new shows.

Find Content You’ll Love

We make personalized recommendations, so you spend less time searching and more time watching shows you’ll enjoy. Enjoy our recommendations directly through your television by enabling our Interactive TV Services, or through applications such as Samba TV Mobile and Reelgood. Visit the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store to download the latest apps powered by our technology.

Improving the TV Experience

Tired of being bombarded with irrelevant ads, or paying for subscriptions to watch TV shows? We use anonymized data to provide a positive advertising experience, enable ad-supported TV networks to keep their shows free, and partner with TV manufacturers which reduces the price of TVs for you.


100% Privacy Focus

We are building a future where the consumer experience is paramount. Our technology helps you navigate the modern TV landscape, empowering you to control your data and manage privacy while connecting with content you love.