Interactive TV


Interactive TV

By recognizing on screen content, Samba makes your Smart TV smarter by understanding your preferences and customizing your viewing experience across all your screens.

Cross-screen Experience

Imagine notifications when your favorite shows or actors are on TV, or when your shows are in and out of commercial break. Imagine getting recommendations for a new show which is perfect for you. Or being to being able to buy movie tickets for a trailer as you're watching it on TV. Our Interactive TV Services enable Spotlight, as well as other apps, to use insights on your viewing preferences in order to provide a variety of services that improve the TV viewing experience across connected devices.

TV Apps

Samba Interactive TV also enable unique TV applications like Hotlist to give you more of the best streaming video from the Web, on your TV, on demand, at no cost.

1.3 years spent channel surfing

Stop Surfing.
Start Watching.

The average American will waste more than a year over their lifetime looking for something to watch on TV*. Help us help you to make your TV smarter and your viewing experience more enjoyable!

*Ericsson’s 2016 ConsumerLab TV & Media report