Integrated with LiveRamp IdentityLink, the Samba TV DMP enables activation of TV audiences on more than 120 programmatic platforms for

a combined reach of more than one billion screens

RampUp 2017, San Francisco, March 7, 2017 – Samba TV, the world’s leading provider of real-time television insights, today announced the launch of a Data Management Platform (DMP) enabled with Samba’s first-party, real-time TV viewership data. The Samba TV DMP, in partnership with LiveRamp™, an Acxiom® company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, offers advertisers the ability to have a single, de-duplicated view of the customer journey across linear television, over-the-top (OTT) and digital media platforms for high-precision, cross-screen targeting of programmatic media. These combined capabilities ensure that no matter the screen, advertisers are delivering the right message to the right consumer.

LiveRamp IdentityLink™ allows advertisers to match their first-party digital and offline data to data in the Samba TV DMP in a privacy-compliant manner. The TV DMP is the industry’s fastest and most efficient way to append meaningful TV viewing insights to clients’ analytics and buying platforms so that brands can discover the right audiences to reach, as well as which screens to leverage for a unified brand message.

“We are pleased that LiveRamp has partnered with Samba to make TV audiences addressable across a truly massive number of platforms and potential screens in both an efficient and privacy-compliant approach,” said Ashwin Navin, Samba TV CEO and co-founder. In addition to audience segmentation, the Samba TV DMP also enables advertisers to measure TV campaign impact holistically across screens. Navin continued, “Television has never been so precise and comparable to other forms of activation until now.”

Samba TV ‘s DMP has been in development for two years. The company has been working in close partnership with some of the world’s largest broadcasters and digital publishers, while integrating first-party data from some of the world’s largest brands in Samba’s secure, privacy-compliant data cloud. The partnership with LiveRamp offers the next level of connectivity with programmatic ad platforms. More than 400 brands currently use the Samba TV DMP for TV audiences or TV analytics, which can describe TV audiences with more than 2,500 audience attributes, going far beyond legacy approaches of describing TV in broad segments of age and gender.

”LiveRamp IdentityLink helps the Samba TV DMP connect data from multiple sources at the device level, so that no matter the screen, advertisers are delivering the right message to the right consumer,” said Travis May, LiveRamp president and general manager. “This partnership extends coordination of targeting and measurement across TV and digital in a way that advertisers have been wanting. These capabilities are supported by LiveRamp’s ongoing commitment to managing data in a privacy-compliant manner.”

Embedded in millions of smart TVs, Samba TV’s technology lets consumers discover and watch the shows they love while giving brands a holistic view of content and advertising consumption across broadcast and cable TV, OTT, apps and digital. Pairing Samba TV’s second-by-second, opt-in TV viewership insight with its household device map, Samba TV helps brands run TV-synchronized digital ads and confidently chart the consumer path to purchase, from online to offline, to make informed media buying decisions. Samba TV’s proprietary household device map totals more than 200 million devices, including smart TVs, set top boxes, smartphones and other connected devices.

About Samba TV

Samba TV is the essential source for real-time television insight, built on the industry’s leading TV DMP matching first party digital and offline data with TV viewership to get a unified view of the customer journey across screens. Cross-platform media and analytics enabled by Samba provides a real-time understanding of viewership across linear TV, OTT, on-demand and digital devices to analyze its impact on consumer behavior and purchase. Samba TV helps over 400 brands bridge the gap between TV and digital to plan, execute and measure holistic marketing campaigns. For more information, please visit or follow @samba_tv on Twitter.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with identity resolution that is integrated throughout the digital ecosystem, and provides the foundation for omnichannel marketing. Our services transform the technology platforms used by our clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing, and ultimately allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company, delivering privacy-safe solutions to market and honoring the best practices of leading associations including the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) ICON and App Choices programs. For more information, visit