The Late Night Wars Continue

Samba Research

Nearly a year and seven months after its debut, “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore” is dead. While some have speculated the show failed because it lost more than half the audience it inherited from the Colbert Report, Samba TV research shows networks have struggled to satiate audiences with late night content ever since David Letterman went off the air last spring.


But that’s only half the story. CBS might have initially been the biggest late night loser after Letterman’s departure, but the real loss was for Letterman’s audience who struggled to find another show to get their nightly news fix. Our research team also found that 64% of viewers that would have normally tuned in to David Letterman, opted out of late night shows altogether.


Want more Late Night War news? Check our blog within the next few weeks to learn how John Stewart’s audience fared, and where Larry Wilmore’s audience is going now.