The 89th Academy Awards show was totally memorable with an end that was itself worthy of an Oscar. But even with some great moments like the tour bus prank, Jimmy Kimmel’s jabs at Matt Damon, and Viola Davis’ inspiring speech, the total viewership was down this year.

What we saw from the minute-by-minute analysis of last night’s broadcast that Republicans are beginning to hit the snooze button on award shows as these broadcasts turn more and more into political stump speeches. We did note that new viewers are showing up to the Oscars proven by the fact that 46% of this years viewers did not watch the 2016 Oscars. But these new viewers were not enough to replace the ones who dropped off. For example, 42% of heavy Fox news viewers who watched the 2016 Oscars did not tune in to this years show. Of the Oscars viewers for 2016 and 2017, last year’s audience consisted of 46% Fox News viewers, 32% CNN viewers, and 16% of MSNBC viewers. This year it was 45% CNN, 30% Fox News, and 23% MSNBC.

Jimmy Kimmel started off the show saying that he is not the guy to unite the country and these stats definitely agree with that. Perhaps politics is bad business for Hollywood.

But the viewers who did watch were engaged and they loved tweeting about it. Twitter reports over 1M tweets about the legendary Best Movie mix-up followed by Kimmel’s tweet to Trump. For an advertiser, this is good news since it means that by leveraging the Samba and Twitter partnership, advertisers can amplify their message by extending TV targeting to Twitter and use the complimentary solutions to get in front of highly engaged audiences.

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