The 59th annual Grammys awards last Sunday, Feb 12th, saw some breath taking performances. From Beyonce’s celebration of motherhood, to Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince to Adele sweeping the top honors, it was mesmerizing, it was nostalgic, it was politically charged…it had it all. But here’s what the deep dive of the viewership numbers from Samba TV say

  • Total viewership was almost constant through the duration of the show which tells us that viewers tuned in and away at almost a constant rate
  • 53% of the 2017 Grammys viewers had not watched the last year’s event. New audiences always means new strategies and new opportunities
  • The Red Carpet pre-show attracted users of different interest, and not just music fans. 15% of the Red Carpet viewers did not tune in to the Grammys after

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