Protecting a consumer’s privacy is at the core of every decision we make and every product and service we offer. Our products are built on the uncompromising principle of knowing only what’s necessary to enhance and improve the experience of watching television.

We don’t rely on you providing us with your name; phone number; home, email or work address to make TV better for you. The partnerships we forge allow us to provide products and services in a way that safeguards your privacy, and keeps your TV preferences anonymous.

Our privacy principles constitute who we are and will not change:

1. Samba TV’s relationship with the consumer always starts with providing a choice to use our services (or not), and offering an equally unencumbered choice to change this at any time.

2. We are boldly transparent about what we strive to do for consumers, and how, as a result, we both benefit.

3. Once a consumer has entrusted their data with us, we protect it, and provide the consumer continuing privacy controls to tailor what they choose to share, and the types of content they want to receive.

4. We at Samba TV always follow the Golden Rule: we handle the consumer’s data with the same care we would want our own data handled.

Our prioritization of consumer privacy includes:

1. New Privacy Policy – Our privacy policy has been updated –

2. Limit ad tracking / targeting – Users have the ability to choose to limit ad tracking, which will allow them to continue using Samba, but not have their viewership data used for ad targeting.

3. Reset advertising ID – Similar to the iPhone IDFA, we maintain a Samba Advertising ID. Users can reset this ID to clear their viewing history used for advertising.

4. Clear opt-in language – We updated the text of our opt-in prompt to be more transparent and consumer-friendly.


Samba TV Opt-in Screens

Note: This is a sample screenshot and might look different depending on the TV it is viewed on


Note: This is a sample screenshot and might look different depending on the TV it is viewed on


Note: This is a sample screenshot and might look different depending on the TV it is viewed on

Interactive and Smart TV Services

We require TV manufacturers to provide you with an opt-in to enable our Smart TV Services that collect Content Viewership Information. This opt-in will usually be presented when you first set up your Smart TV, or after your Smart TV gets a software update that includes our Smart TV Services.

You should be able to opt-out of, or into, our Smart TV Services at any time your TV is connected to the Internet. You typically can find our opt-out and opt-in feature in the “settings” area of your Smart TV or within the Interactive TV Service user interface. If you have trouble finding this feature, you should contact the TV manufacturer to determine the exact location. If you opt-out of our Smart TV Services, we will no longer collect TV viewing information through this service. However, we still may receive Content Viewership Information, as described above in the “Collection of Information” section, when you watch content through certain Smart TV Apps.

Also, if you opt-out of our Smart TV Services, you will not be able to take advantage of our interactive features on your Smart TV; or, features of other applications that rely on Smart TV Services to operate (after you authorized their use), such as receiving content recommendations based on the shows you love, interacting or playing along with your favorite shows using your TV remote or mobile device, accessing exclusive content and offers, resuming a show from where you left off, and receiving notifications when the show you were watching returns from commercial.

You may also choose to enable Limit Ad Tracking from the Privacy menu within Interactive TV Settings on your Smart TV. If you do so, our advertising platform will opt your Samba TV Advertising ID out of receiving targeted advertising based on Content Viewing Information from Smart TV Services, regardless of what device you are using. Note that whenever you want to unlink the data associated with your Samba TV Advertising ID, you can simply reset it. Please check with the TV manufacturer for the exact location of these features. If you cannot find them or your TV manufacturer has not enabled them, please contact us at

If you intend to sell or otherwise give away your Smart TV, you should perform a “factory reset.” This will 1) reset the Samba TV advertising ID, and 2) allow the new owner of the TV to choose whether they want to opt-in or opt-out. If you sell or give away your Smart TV without performing a “factory reset,” information about the new owner may be incorrectly attributed to you.

Web and Mobile Apps

Samba TV is an active member of the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”), an industry association that develops the policies around online consumer privacy in the context of interest-based advertising. Samba TV complies with the NAI Code of Conduct. Consistent with our commitment to the NAI principles, we provide means for you to opt-out of interest-based advertising based on your web browsing and mobile app usage:

  • Web Browsers:

    You can opt-out of having Samba use your web browsing information for interest-based advertisements by visiting or accessing “Opt-out of Samba TV Ads” available at

  • Mobile Devices:

    For the most effective and up-to-date methods to limit ad tracking on your mobile device, please refer to your mobile operating system settings to see how you can opt-out of interest-based advertisements, or reset your mobile device advertiser ID to unlink information previously associated with your advertiser ID.

You may learn more about interest-based advertising, as well as pertinent self-regulatory frameworks — and companies like Samba TV that strive to embrace such regimes — by visiting the NAI ( or the Digital Advertising Alliance (

Opt out of Samba TV ads.

Cookies and Local Storage

If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove or reject browser cookies or to clear local storage. Please note that if you choose to remove or reject cookies or clear local storage, this could affect the availability and functionality of our Services.

Location Information

You can turn location-based services on and off by adjusting the settings of your mobile device.